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North Antwerp Brewery

MIZU-KOJI amazake barleywine

“MIZU-KOJI”, is a barleywine/amazake blend. The Amazake has undergo a spontaneous lacto-fermentation. After the fermentation we blended with the barleywine during his second fermentation. The bacteria of the Amazake and koji breaks down complex sugars.

At the end of fermentation we dry hopped and infused white jasmin flowers.


  • Warm fruit and malt aroma’s
  • Complex and well balanced vinous fruit. Some nice acidity and a umami character.
  • IBU 24
  • Alc. 14%
  • No carbonation

ACAN’s Mallow Tree

ACAN’S mallow tree is a cacaofruit sour ale in which we used deliciously refreshing cacao pulp juice from Ecuador. The result is a fine, fruity and crisp sour ale. 

The cacao pulp juice is a fruity, fresh and zesty pulp that normally is thrown away as only the seeds are used for making chocolate. Therefore we are proud to contribute to the ZERO WASTE policy.

We dry-hopped this beer with 3 different hops.

This beer will launch you to a tropical island!

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Black Koji

Brewed with 50% aged barley Koji that we “malted” ourselves according to an old Japanese tradition. During this technique we obtain aromas of tropical fruit and chocolate with a hint of umami flavor. 

Koji is a Japanese mold, the main ingredient in making Sake, soy sauce and brewing miso.

A small amount of hops are added for a nice balance in this beer.

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HARU Sakura Infused

HARU Sakura Infused is a Belgian “dry” tripel infused with hand-picked Sakura flowers from Japan, also called Japanese cherry blossom. The sweetness of the alcohol empowers the floral character of the Sakura.

The noble hops ensure a nice balance. Pour it into an elegant glass and enjoy! Spring in a bottle, all year round!

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